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Fri, Aug 1, 2014 6:41 PM

Photoshop CC Update 7/31 Made Screen Text Enormous

Adobe CC updated Photoshop CC yesterday and now the screen text is unalterably enormous -- all the screen elements are proportionately larger, so that makes it difficult to use. For example, even tho I've set text size to "Tiny", the Edit menu drops below the bottom of the maximized screen, running from "Undo" at the top to "Remote Connections..." at the bottom. The Preferences screen exceeds the physical size of my monitor.

Photoshop CS6 was also updated at the same time but still looks and behaves normally. Unfortunately I didn't set a System Restore point before the upgrade, so I can't return to the prior state.

Ordinarily I would suspect the display driver first, but given the facts I doubt it is the cause of the problem.


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