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Tue, Feb 14, 2017 6:36 PM


Photoshop CC UI Scaling makes menus either 5pt font or 45pt font - no in between

I just had to switch back to CS6 because I couldn't stand the UI on my brand new Photoshop CC.  The Scaling options are Auto, 100%, or 200%. Auto and 100% both provide about a 5pt font throughout the UI, and the Workspace icons about 4 pixels wide with again like a 5 font.  Then there's the 200% font, like the giant world in Mario, which gives you about a 45pt font user interface.  FILE EDIT IMAGE LAYERS take up almost the entire width of my 21" screen.  
Angry and disappointed that I just had to switch back to CS6 - amongst all the other annoying settings changes you have to do with a new computer, now I have to deal with this crap too.  I thought it would like The Best of the Best!  I can't even stand looking at it!!!

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4 years ago

I was a bit shocked at first about the new UI as well. I came from CS4... But then I got used to it really fast. And if you really dislike the new open dialog, you can disable this in the options. Here you can find a tutorial on how to get rid of the start screen and in the same options you can also find the button "Use legacy "New Document" Dialog" option that you can switch off.

If you could elaborate a little more about what you dislike, maybe we can find some customization that help you to feel "at home" again. I know I got there real fast once I realized the advantage of some new functions and tools. Also let us know if you're on Mac or Windows and if the screen is a retina display or a regular one.

But what's for sure is that the older versions of Photoshop will give you those insanely small fonts as the UI is not compensating for Retina displays and large screens. There's nothing you can do about it.