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Mon, Jul 23, 2018 10:39 AM

Photoshop CC: Refine Mask in latest CC version is worse compared to CS6

Why is the "refine mask" feature rubbish in latest CC version compared to CS6?????? This is a step backwards imo!? please make the latest refine mask work as it does in CS6 as this is way better and does what it should do, especially when cutting out hair. THE CURRENT REFINE MASK IS TOTALLY USELESS/WORTHLESS AND DOESN'T JUSTIFY BEING THERE.


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2 years ago

This information concerns me greatly.
I use the Cutout feature and Refine Edge every day and find it to be better than ever.
I would not even venture a guess as to why it isn't working well on a particular machine.

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2 years ago

The old Refine edge is still available in CC. Just open it in the select menu while holding shift and the old refine mask will open.

make selection
pulled down select menu
Hold shift while clicking Select & mask.

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Any idea how to use it from shortcut?

That's inconvinient each time select it from menu holding shift.

Ps. recorded to action still opens Select and Mask when that aciton is played.