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Wed, Mar 16, 2016 3:24 AM

Photoshop CC. Glitchy red lines & blocks when zooming in image with transparent layers

Hi all I have just recently upgraded the monitor and graphics card on my Win10 workstation to a Wusabi Mango UHD430 43" 4K IPS and Gigabyte R9 390 8GB. Calibrated with Xrite i1 Photo. Have uninstalled all previous related drivers and updated to the latest versions.So far everythings working great except In the latest Photoshop CC2015 I am now randomly getting this glitch with red lines and blocks appear when editing some images. It shows up when there are layers with transparency and when zoom out smaller then 100%. The lines and blocks move when you zoom in or out. If I flatten image they disappear. Been trying to find the cause and so far no luck - its frustrating trying to retouch around it. Have attached a screen grab.
The old monitor was a Dell 30" 2K WFP3007 and GPU Nvidia 570GTX.
Any thoughts?


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5 years ago

Generally that is a sign of a video card driver bug.  The other possibilities are corruption in memory (bugs in third party plugins, malware, etc.), and bad RAM.  But what you describe (change with zoom, gone when flattened) are pretty sure signs of a driver bug.

Double check Help -> System Info and make sure you aren't using a second GPU (like an integrated GPU). If you have more than one GPU in the system, make sure ALL the drivers are updated from the GPU makers's websites.

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2 years ago

I Have been experiencing the same issue. Have you figured out a solution?

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What version of Photoshop are you running? If CC 20.0.0, please update to 20.0.1 which was released earlier tonight. Let us know if you're still having trouble.

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