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Mon, Apr 9, 2018 9:28 AM

Photoshop CC --> Fractional Width - Bad UI - very not intuitive for text buggy align

By default - the text for RTL users looks like this!! (very weird, buggy, not align correctly + the text go out from the frame).

How to solve this?
By this option

## Problem
How users should know about this option? Very Very odd and buggy (By default the text should look OK)


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3 years ago

Hi Siton,

Okay, there are probably a couple of things going on here.

First, when I try this, I do not see any problems.  I tried with two fonts in English and all the fonts that support Hebrew on my machine.  Regardless of whether I have Fractional Widths or System Layout, I don't see a problem.  This screenshot is with System Layout selected.  And, please note, the default is actual Fractional Widths.

Have you checked your Indent settings in your Paragraph panel?  How about resetting both of these panels?  You can do that in both the Character panel and Paragraph panel flyout menu.

Assuming that's not the problem, this might be the font you're using.  Which one is it?

Hope that helps,