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Sat, May 12, 2018 4:08 AM

Photoshop CC: Custom Brush Preset Lag

Recently I have been using my photoshop with the third-party .abr brush presets I normally use on my Photoshop projects (mostly for designs of backgrounds) since last march. Now I have been wondering why when I opened my Photoshop and wanted to do the same again, I couldn't expand the menus of those brush templates. The special brushes brush template would be expanded but you can't actually see the brushes under it, but you can scroll down, but then only gets stuck on the same state before you clicked "Special Brushes" or even a third party .abr template. When I click out of that brush selector floating window, then click back on it, It wouldn't even show a thing then my photoshop on task manager says "Not Responding". I am sure my Photoshop wasn't cued the since the last time I edited on it. I already tried resetting my preferences and updated photoshop to its latest version but still got the same problems.


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