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Wed, May 8, 2019 1:21 PM

Photoshop CC Bug: up & down arrows don't work in multiline text boxes

Windows 10, up-to-date Photoshop CC.  With an image loaded, go into the File | File Info... dialog, and start editing EXIF information.

In the "Description" block, most of the cursor controls work as normal - back arrow, fwd arrow, Home and End are all fine.

Up arrow and Down arrow, however, do not work.  The cursor doesn't move.

Does anyone else see this behaviour?


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2 y ago

I am having my issueS as well with PS. I do not usually use that feature but I am aware of it. I tried an experiment with 'your' issue. I filled the entire block with letters and I too cannot move the curser up and down, but side to side. The same is true for the other blocks. It is a drag, because it 'works' here, in this block. If they don't fix it, what I did, was just move the curser to the spot you want to be (or line) and then click. Until then we are out of luck. Good Luck!  

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2 y ago

Howdy Alan,

Yes, we are aware of this issue and looking into a fix.  Thank you, however, for letting us know.  Hopefully, we'll have a fix out soon.