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Sat, Dec 22, 2018 10:21 PM

Photoshop CC 2019: Merging a group blends the layers weirdly (reduces fill of layers, even all normal b.m.)

Open a new document.

Minimally simulate a lineart doc with lineart spread on multiple layers:

Create a new transparent layer for lineart.

doodle (use pressure to control fill).

Put the layer in a group.

Merge the group (group selected, hit ctrl+e).

Nothing should change in terms of appearance right?

However the layer is now fainter... as if a fill or opacity falloff curve got edited.

Unchecking transparency shapes layer yields a different (closer? but still errenous) result.

None are verbatim to the layer.

Is this a bug or is it supposed to do that? (group bm: pass through, layer: normal)

(This is not new to PS 20.0.1)



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2 years ago

Two things:

1) If you view the image at 100% (View > 100%) when you merge the layers, does the appearance change?
2) If not, if you go to Preferences > Performance... and check "Legacy Compositing" and restart Photoshop and try the same steps, does it work as you'd expect?

If not, can you please upload a sample file to CC files or Dropbox and provide a URL so we can try and troubleshoot with your file?

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2 years ago


Hope you're having a good holiday.

Posting this now so I don't forget later:

here is a folder with reproducing psd's.

I already discovered where the problem is.

Please turn on Blend RGB colors using gamma [1.00] in color settings.

In "2018-12-25 reprod faded merged with blend colors using gamma" turn using gamma on first then hit ctrl+e on the group.

In "2018-12-25 reprod fading of layers in nested groups whith clipping color fills" turn using gamma on and notice how the lineart on the left is very faded.
To negate this you can't just turn visibility off on the Color Fill but must un-clip it from the lineart layer.

Perhaps this is supposed to happen not just programmatically but color theory-wise?

My use of Blend RGB colors using gamma:

It keeps colors from turning greyer and greyer as you paint due to the linearity of RGB mixing.
LAB color mode would keep colors from blending towards grey but RGB is still the most usable mode.
LAB is a bit of a stretch for work with the limitations in blending modes and operations.

For lineart I don't need "using gamma" to be turned on but I often rework a painting mid-way by drawing on a layer on top so I thought this post still worth your attention.

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PS: LAB: *limitations in adjustments and adjustment layers.