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Wed, Dec 19, 2018 10:13 PM


Photoshop CC 2019: Layer Align Options

The new align functionality in CC 2019 is very welcome, but it is frustrating that the most used options are hidden in the drop down panel behind the three dots in the Options bar.  Can that be changed to remember the last used Align set, and keep that on top? Or better still, how about a separate Align panel/window like Illustrator?  


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2 years ago

Or hide the greyed 3D mode icons when not on a 3D layer thereby creating space and only use the 3 dots when the 3D icons become ungreyed


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2 years ago

And I am hoping they are getting closer to allowing us to customize the Options bar, as I rarely use Distribute, but when it stretched after Align, it stretched across almost the whole of the bar on a 15" laptop monitor, and that while using the Narrow Options Bar preference.

If we could just customize what we put there, much like InDesign offers for its Control panel, I could have the Arrange icons back on the bar, and you all could have Distribute icons—making everybody happy with their workflow.

Honestly, no two users want to have the same Photoshop. We all want to set it up for what we do, not for what Adobe says the "majority" of users do with it. So customizing the Options bar—or greatly expanding the Properties panel, is what we need (or both). When someone has several layers selected, it's a given they may need all the Align and Distribute icons, while someone else, with several documents open, probably needs the Arrange icons (that we used to have). The Properties panel could probably reflect that for the majority, if Adobe can't see any good way to let us customize the Options bar—suitable for wide and narrow options bars.