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Tue, May 21, 2019 3:31 PM

Photoshop CC 2019 bug with Save For Web as PNG

Here are sample PNG file "SampleImage.png" and simple script "BlurAndSaveForWebPNGBug.jsx" (excerpt of bigger script of our pipeline) that duplicate layer, apply Gaussian Blur with radius 1 to this new layer and make it almost transparent setting it opacity to 3. Then script merges this 2 layers. After this if we try to save this as PNG via Save For Web we got corrupted PNG file. Photoshop itself can open this image without issues but if we open it with any image viewer (e.g. XnView - "SampleImage-SaveForWeb_XnView_Error.png") or in Google Chrome or in TweakPNG ("SampleImage-SaveForWeb_TweakPNG_Error.png") or even in Adobe After Effects ("SampleImage-SaveForWeb_AfterEffects_Error.png") we got wrong image or error. If we use "Export As..." =>PNG (instead of "Save For Web") ("SampleImage-ExportAsPNG.png") in Photoshop we got correct PNG that any other program can handle. Moreover if we change original PNG somehow (e.g. with brush line) or change script options (e.g. set Blur radius to 10, or set layer opacity to 2 or 4) - problem will not occur and "Save For Web" works properly.

Please fix the bug with wrong "Save For Web" as PNG option with such kind of files.


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