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Mon, Mar 25, 2019 7:58 PM


Photoshop CC 2019: Animated materials not working

In CC 2018, it was possible to animate a material on a 3D object. I am unable to do so on 20.0.4.

The test setup is really straightforward:
1) Create a new, blank 1000 px square document
2) Create a new 3D mesh preset from layer, and make a sphere.
3) Create a new video timeline.
4) Double-click on the sphere's material in the Layers panel to open it.
5) Add a layer, and draw a line on the layer.
6) Create a video timeline, and keyframe the position of the "line" layer.
7) Move the play head to another position and move the "line " layer to create a short animation. 
8) Save and close the material.

On CC 2018, I could scrub the video timeline and watch the line move on the surface of the sphere.

On CC 2019, when I scrub the timeline, the animation in the material does not play. Exporting the rendered video also does not include the material animation.

This constitutes a major loss of functionality in the 3D area of Photoshop.


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2 years ago

Thanks. I've asked engineering to look into it.

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2 years ago

Trying to Import objects from Cinema 4D (as OBJ's) into PSD 20.0.0. and then animating.
Having issues with Photoshop not accepting keyframes.
Can add motion frames to 3D camera position but behaves really strangely. Mesh does not seem to know where its origin is. Flies all over the place with  just a 2 step ani.

CAN add frames to position, they are there, but have no effect on motion.
Really strange.