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Fri, Nov 30, 2018 4:36 PM

Photoshop CC 2019 (20.0.1): Error "Could not Fill because there's not enough memory."

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I tried using Content-aware fill and got the message in the screenshot.


Notice this:

Efficiency is 100%

Memory usage by PS is only 3,6GB's with 78% memory being used overall (totally normal).

YET, I got this error message by PS.

There's no sense that allocating 75% memory to PS (11GB), it refuses to do a simple content-aware fill when only 3,6GB is used for PS with 78% memory used in total. It's like Photoshop freaks out when PC memory usage goes beyond 80%.

I wouldn't mind if PS would do Content fill slowly, but totally refusing to do with "no memory" message breaks it for me.

My usual workflow:

Opened in the background:


Adobe Lightroom Classic

Working in: Photoshop CC 2019

About 8-10 imported 30mpix RAW files from LR to PS. No layers, except temporal ones that are soon flattened. Working with images start nicely but soon PS clogs. Starting Alien Exposure 7 soon crashes. Trying to use history brush reports "out of RAM" after a while. Firefox also has crashing tabs. Task manager reports 94-97% memory usage.

 It worked without problems in previous PS & LR versions.


W10, 16GB ram, Scratch disk 480GB free. Also 6GB of DDR5 video memory. I did install CC 2019 from scratch, disabled plugins and reset the preferences.

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2 y ago

Well, I can tell you what fixed this problem for me - buying new, additional, big RAM stick. 

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Bet you didn't even have to plug it in...

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Sorry but big NO for me. I refuse to buy more RAM for the program that is using 4GB out of 16 and in the worst cases has 20% RAM free while saying "out of ram". Maybe when I upgrade my whole PC, but until then, nope.

This IS a bug and not a hardware restriction.

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2 y ago

With newest PS it is even worse.
Now my PC clogs and stutters with black screens if I have LR and PS working together and trying to edit some images in PS.

It literally just falls apart. One solution is to close the LR Classic and continue working in PS with few hiccups, but at least I can work there.

The other route is to completely upgrade my PC that I will have to do. Mind you, my machine is nowhere near obsolete and SHOULD offer a working environment for both programs (i7-6700, 16GB ddr4 ram, 6gb VRAM GTX1060), but since ver. 2019 that was hard and now with 2020 version it's downright impossible.

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@ivanplaninar Hi could I ask what is LR? and how about your PS issue right now? Is there any way to fix? Thank you.