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Mon, Mar 5, 2018 11:03 AM

Photoshop CC 2018 - macOS High Sierra

So I have an irritating problem, currently working on a Macbook Air 13 inch and I am trying to use Adobe Photoshop CC 2018, as usual I like to full screen my work but I am unable to. I have checked a bunch of websites and installed a plugin that was for an older version of MacOS but I still cannot find a way to get this to work.

So, you launch Photoshop as normal and it will look like this;

A workaround I found allowed Photoshop to function in full screen but there is no menu bar, something which I 100% require;

Here is an example of Atom, which how it should function/look when in full screen;

Is there anyway of doing this currently? To confirm, the bar at the bottom is set to autohide.


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3 years ago

If I understand correctly, (I am Dutch) you should use Tab?

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3 years ago

Howdy Jalg,

Photoshop has three screen modes, which you can move between simply by pressing F or clicking the bottom-most tool in the ToolBar.  All allow for editing, though without the menus, some items are hard to access.  See the screenshots, below:

 Default -- Standard Screen Mode

 Full Screen Mode with Menu Bar

 Full Screen Mode (no Menu Bar, though shortcuts work fine)

Photoshop has no other display modes.

Hope that helps,