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Sun, Nov 26, 2017 9:21 PM

Photoshop CC 2018 Mac version: Quick Export to gif not working.

First noticed this in the Photoshop forums. A Mac user reported that he could not Quick Export to make a gif from his file under MacOS 10.13.1 with CC 2018.

Under further investigation, I found that the GIF export did not work for CC 2018 on both 10.13.1 and the earlier 10.12.6  Both CC-2018s are updated to to the current 19.0.1

However Quick Export for GIF works on CC 2017 under both systems.

Save for Web works as well, but not on 32 bit images.

I'm thinking this is a bug and might need to be reported.


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3 years ago

Hello, i'm on Mac OS High sierra 10.13.2 and the Quick export to gif is working fine. 

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3 years ago

> I'm thinking this is a bug and might need to be reported. >

I never use GIF, and rarely use Quick Export As except for PNGs, but I have to agree. I'm on El Capitan and it's not working. Nothing is getting exported. Export As, through the menu, will show me a PNG file, but only an empty transparent layer when I switch to GIF. 

Adobe Administrator


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3 years ago

Hi Gene,

Thanks for the feedback. I am not seeing this behavior, but I'm trying to reproduce it. I tested Quick Export to GIF on several files in Mac 10.13.1 with Photoshop 19.0.1 with the following settings:

• psd comprised of art boards at 8 bit
• psd at 8, 16 & 32 bit
• jpg at 8, 16 & 32 bit

In all of those cases the GIF rendered properly. If you have a file that isn't working with your setup would you mind sending it to me and include any and all settings you are using that I might not have matched on my machine? I'll include my email below.

Hannah Nicollet

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I've experienced the same issue with CC 2018. I'm on OS 10.13.2, created an animation, rendered it into a mp4, imported that mp4, then tried to export as GIF, and it does nothing when I click on export. 

Even when I tried to quick export a GIF, the finder window popped up and I clicked export, yet the file never appeared. 

Should I re-download 2017?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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If you've created an animation in the timeline that you want to be a GIF animation, you don't want to render it into mp4. Once your animation is set in the Timeline with all the layers, timings, etc., and you know it plays, choose Export> Save for Web (Legacy). Choose your GIF output and it will play in a browser. In fact, you can preview it in a browser before saving it.

If you want to use Export As, you can save all your layers individually with the GIF format. Select all the layers in the Layers panel and use Export As from the Layers panel menu. It isn't working to use anything else, true, but it does work if you use the Layers panel menu. These are just the layers, not the animated file.

Since I'm on El Capitan, what I see happening may not be what you see happening, but check if I'm not correct that there is a way to get an animated GIF saved from the Timeline through the SFW dialog, and the GIF layers saved from the Layers panel. No mp4 needed.