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Tue, Feb 6, 2018 2:25 PM

Photoshop CC 2018: I am not able to define the size of my brush with my wacom pen

When using my Wacom Intuos Pro, I am unable to change the size  and hardness of my brush (or any similar tool such as heal / stamp tool) using alt and right click (as mapped to a button on the pen). 
I have tried the workarounds mentioned in the previous thread, as well as reinstalling Wacom drivers and also Photoshop. 
This problem only started when I installed Photoshop CC 2018 19.1.0 . Installing an older version did not solve the problem either. 

This problem was mentioned two weeks ago and marked as solved even though the problem persists. I am concerned that the problem is being ignored due to it being marked as solved. 

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Photoshop CC 2018: I am not able to define the size of my brush with my wacom pen


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3 y ago

Hi Deniz,

Sorry you're having trouble getting your issue addressed. I changed the status of the other thread to "In Progress," rather than "Solved" since several of you are reporting still seeing this behavior. However, so that we have an accurate number of votes for the issue, I hope you don't mind if I merge this with the other thread.

From the other thread I gathered that you are Win 10, running Photoshop 19.1 and using a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium pth-660.

What Wacom driver do you have installed on your machine? (They're listed here

We noticed that in Mac, the most recent Wacom driver causes some strange behavior in Photoshop, and going back to the previous version helped.

Would you go to Help > System Info and then copy and paste the contents of that window? Feel free to reply in the original thread.