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Mon, Mar 26, 2018 6:25 AM


Photoshop CC 2018 Feature Request: Freeform Pen Tool Pixels

Howdy, I'd very much enjoy if a tool option was available. 

Freeform Pen Tool Pixels: 
A brush tool that uses the current lasso tool, then auto fills the selection with the foreground color upon mouse release.
Alt options would use the background color or delete, by user preference.

The same effect is currently done like so:
1. Lasso tool a selection
2. Alt+Delete to fill (a couple times, as it doesn't register the first click, wait for the fill to process)
3. Ctrl+d to deselect the selection.

The primary distinction is for this tool to be used directly on images, textures, or drawings's pixels as a quick way to add fill or remove pixels. It allows for instant feedback and quick modifications for creating mattes and drawings, and allows for quick selection of the tool from a keyboard shortcut. A single use of the current workaround functions for situations where a user would use it once, however it's not comfortable if used 300+ times when creating mattes or drawing.

This would also work similar to the freeform pen tool shape set to fill, just without creating a new shape for every stroke and an alternate click for deleting. While the path system is non-destructive, it takes a moment to process the path before showing the result, and shows a path upon completion, which makes it difficult to see. You can hit ctrl+H to hide them, but that needs to be done every time a new line is drawn. This causes a further issue when attempting to draw a new line too near a previous one, where you can end up creating or editing an existing node instead of creating a new one. That's not good!



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