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Thu, Dec 3, 2015 1:45 PM

Photoshop CC 2015.1 How to remove the "Show ## remaining" button in Cloud Library panel?

With November update the Cloud Library Panel stopped loading it's entire contents and only load 20 assets at a time. Now I'm forced to scroll and click the "Show 201 remaining" button a bunch of times every time I switch a library. How to remove this handicap restriction?

We store our assets in Cloud Libraries sorted by projects and content type. For example:

All in all I cant imagine the cloud libraries being used for less than 20 images. Is there a registry/ini file fix I can apply as a quick workaround before there is a setting for this type of things in Photoshop preferences?


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5 years ago

This is a basic frustrating UX issue as well. The button says "Show 225 remaining". So what would one expect when clicking that button? To actually see the remaining 225, not just 20 more. In that case it should have said "Show 20 more".

It's frustrating that with every release of Photoshop you change these small ways that stuff work seemingly without regards to how it's actually being used by thousands and thousands of people.

On the positive side it's a great improvement to have added search, but a search is not a replacement for great basic navigation, it's an improvement of great basic navigation.