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Wed, Jun 17, 2015 10:32 AM

Photoshop CC 2015: Slow panning and zooming with rulers showing

Photoshop 2015 is slow when zooming out / in or panning. This didn't happen on the same (Windows 7) computer with the 2014 version.


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5 y ago

I'm on a Mac with GPU enabled, and with Rulers showing, I can scrub zoom as quickly as with them off. The display is less smooth, but that's probably down to my video card. It's just as fast.  Flick-panning has a definite delay with Rulers on, and is slower to move.  Rulers off has no delay.

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4 y ago

Year 2017... Using Photoshop CC. Same happens with rulers on and smooths with rulers off. No improvement in 2 years? :(



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4 y ago

Yep, still seeing a drop of 20 FPS with rulers on.

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4 y ago

Yes, incredibly it's still an issue. In fact, I've never seen an improvement or fix in any release despite what Adobe says. Using Photoshop without guides isn't a realistic option so why can't or won't you guys fix this for once and for all?

Try to see this from the user's perspective. We see you spending time and resources on stuff like Adobe Stock spam everywhere, turning Refine Edge from a capable, trustworthy tool into some kind of Frankenstein, and even making something as simple as opening a new document an utterly annoying experience with you're new "New Document" dialog. So it's just a little hard to grasp why you have people spend time working on more "extras" instead of hammering out known issues. I mean really, this problem has gone on through multiple updates and multiple full version releases now.

P.S. Trivia - The monster "Frankenstein" is technically nameless and only ever referred to as (Dr.) Frankenstein's Monster.