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Wed, Feb 7, 2018 2:33 PM


Photoshop CC 19.1: SVG export problem

Photoshop Ver 19.1

SVG export can not be done normally.
It problems 2 cases.

case 1:
  1. make text layer
  2. layer naming svg files
  3. open submenu for layer panel
  4. select "Copy SVG"
  5. error appears (confirm attached screenshot)

case 2:
  1. make text layer
  2. open submenu for layer panel
  3. select "Export As..."
  4. open export dialog and select SVG format
  5. click export button and select save folder
  6. writing starts but does not end

Both can be processed normally in CC 2017.

The original report is the Japan Forum.

This conversation has been merged. Please refer the main conversation:

Photoshop CC 2017, CC 2018: Export to SVG file - endless processing loop


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3 years ago

I guess $.evalFile is same as doubleclick on file.
What happens if you create file with extension .jsx and double click it?