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Mon, Dec 26, 2011 10:17 PM

Photoshop: Cannot drag Adjustment Layer into another document (PS CS5/Win 7)

(Levels) Adjustment Layer Selected,
Move Tool->
drag from (image area in source document) ->
to tab of (destination) document ->
(pause) ->
drag down to (image area in destination document) ->
shift-release (to center placement of the layer):

WRONG layer gets moved into new document!

Somehow, in the process, PS decides to move a different layer into the destination document.
When I go back to the Source document, the "selected layer" is no longer the Adjustment layer, but another regular layer o-0.

Dragging regular layers between documents in this same manner works fine.

(working On Windows 7, PS CS5)


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9 y ago

Do you have Auto-Select checked in the Move Tool options in the tool options bar?
If you do try unchecking that option.

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9 y ago

Can you post a screen shot of the layers panel of the document you dragging the adjustment layer from?

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