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Wed, Apr 8, 2020 12:23 PM

Photoshop: Brush tool locks UI suddenly when using Tablet Device's pen.

As a painter spending 8-9hours a day painting, while using Wacom intuos pro's pen and photoshop's brush, suddenly my photoshop is like freezing but i can tell it is not fully broken since i am able to save the file with shortcut and reopen to fix that. 

I believe that is happening when i am holding my pen on tablet device and suddenly move my hand to keyboard's space button to navigate on canvas. Transition between that functions %100 breaking it so far and i am having that issue about 2 months maybe 7-8 times a day.

Rarely, if i move my pen back to tablet device and hold on its right-click button(on pen) and touch to tablet device again with pen's tip, UI is becoming unlocked. When i am able to fix like that, which means it is not fully broken, i am also able to pick selection or move tools but they are stopping working properly, such as when i select certain area on canvas, it is selecting another location with different sizes, and same goes with navigation, i move canvas, it moves back to some other location. It gives me feeling like my canvas became actually something else at backend.


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OS/version? Do you have WinTab enabled?