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Tue, Nov 24, 2020 9:21 PM


Photoshop Brush Red Preview Overlay Issue

Same issue as a lot of other folks....I'm on Mac with 10.15.7 and Photoshop 22.0.2..... When changing size of the brush in Photoshop the red overlay is now missing ... as we all know this makes it a lot slower to adjust hardness and softness of the brush on the fly. No, it is not the "Caps Lock Key".... I believe in my case this started with V22....  The only way I can use this feature is to roll back at least two versions. On a side note I notice about 3 versions ago I lost the ability to program my Wacom pen (with short wacom macro) to adjust brush size and softness on the fly which was a super handy feature.... but I'll settle for just having the overlay back... Please!!

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Photoshop: No red preview when changing brush size


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