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Sun, Jan 20, 2019 7:35 PM

Photoshop: Brush overlapping/buildup

Using any brush makes the colors "overlap" and buildup in this weird behavior shown in the picture. Can anyone help me get rid of this?


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2 y ago

I am sorry that you find this behavior weird.  I can only guess what you want to happen.  If you set the opacity of the brush to 100% this will not happen.  If you instead set the foreground color to 50% gray or whatever you want it to be then paint the overlap will still be 50% gray.  If you set the brush opacity to 50% then when you overlap the result will be 50% gray plus 50% of 50% or 75%.  That is what it should do.



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2 y ago

in your options bar at the top, turn off the button to the right of opacity which changes the transparency with brush pressure...

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3 m ago

If you toggle the transfer setting in the brush settings there it should make

the brush stoke solid and stop this overlapping effect.

Note: you must turn the flow up to 100% as well.