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Thu, Aug 23, 2018 2:31 PM

Photoshop: Brush hardness shortcut is not working

Shortcuts for brush hardness: } { is not working, changing size of brush instead.
macOS  High Sierra, polish keyboard. 
On PS 2017 everything is fine. Same settings, same keyboard, same brush.
I tried to change keyboard shortcut settings but cant even write curly brackets. 
I think polish keyboard is the key. Pun intended.


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2 years ago

Howdy Marcin,

If you're using the US English app, then the shortcuts for Photoshop expect US English keyboard locations.  If you're using the Polish version of the app, then the Polish keyboard locations are used (and the shortcuts change in many locations).  Either way, you can manually reset the shortcuts to most anything you like via Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts > Tools.


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6 months ago

Well it doesn't solve the issue – and there's funny fact that there's no such thing as "polish" keyboard – it has exactly the same layout as the US. Polish keyboard setting in macOS simply let's us use characters like ŚĆĄĘŹĆŻŁÓ etc. via using ALT/Option key.

The main problem is that even as one tries to manually assign this very particular shortcut to this very particular key combination (which is actually SHIFT + [ that outputs { ) Photoshops reads it as simply [ or ] respectively for }. That's very unintuitive to say the least. And it breaks well established behaviour from old versions.

It's really sad that after more than two years it's still not resolved anyhow, as it's really pain the butt and breaks workflows for retouchers.