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Sun, Jun 5, 2011 10:48 PM


Photoshop: Bring Back the Select-Modify options for a Select All Selection

I really wish Adobe would put back the functionality of the Select>Modify -- Smooth, Expand, Contract, & Feather options for a "Select All" selection. This was a feature that was "fixed" in CS3 and I was ecstatic about it as previous versions and unfortunately--subsequent versions yield these Select Modify commands useless, grayed out when a selection has been made via the Select All command! The reason I was happy to use them in CS3...and wish they would do an update to fix CS4 and CS5, is because I had created many actions to create borders using the Select All command and then the Contract, Smooth, Feather, Border, and/or Expand sub commands. This was awesome because I could automate these borders, edges and/or photo corners without regard to the portrait or landscape orientation or the size of the canvas, because the "Select All" created a selection of the existing Canvase which could then be manipulated via the Select>Modify options. The current Photoshop version and the predecessors to CS3 did and do not recognize the marquee created with the Select All command as a selection that can be modified!!! How silly is this and how could it have been missed?

Please, Chris Cox, if you're still out there, could you please address this issue which is very important to me! Thanks!

Warmest Regards,
Mama Shan


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7 y ago


Today's release of Photoshop CC 2014 contains a "Apply Effect at Canvas Bounds" option for the follow features:

Select > Modify > Smooth...
Select > Modify > Expand...
Select > Modify > Contract...
Select > Modify > Feather...

Users now have the option to have these commands apply to an entire selection or just the portion of the selection that is not touching the canvas bounds with the "Apply effect at canvas bounds" checkbox.

The checkbox option is remembered for each, individual selection modification option. The checkbox default is "off" on first launch and with preferences deleted.

With the "Apply effect at canvas bounds" checkbox ON, the behavior is equivalent to Photoshop CS3 behavior.

Thank you for your feedback!

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8 y ago

User should be able to contract a selection if the entire image is selected, (Select: All, Modify: Contract. For some odd reason Contract is grayed out (not an option) if the entire art board is selected.

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Select All then Contract Selection.

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8 y ago

This is really a follow up to an earlier post by Simon T on Photoshop's inability to do this. I've got a simple, actionable, method that I've written up at - the blog post is:
The post contains an action you can download - or you could build one yourself in about half a minute : )

I hope it's helpful.

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Photoshop: Contracting a 'Select all' selection - an action.

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7 y ago

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Photoshop: Cannot modify selection after Select All..

Photoshop: Cannot modify selection (expand/contract/feather) after Select All. Used to work pre CS2. Please un-grey these options once again.

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7 y ago

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Why can't I contract my selection from the image's edge?.

When I make a selection that includes pixels on the edge of the image, then click "select" -> "modify" -> "contract", the selection is only contracted on the edges that are NOT on the images edge. The selection remains up against the edge of the photo.

This is in Photoshop CC, and I used to be able to do this, so I'm not sure if I accidentally changed a setting, or if an update caused this, but I'd like to fix it please!

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7 y ago

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Photoshop: Menu options remained grayed out after Select All.

Reproducible : YES

Issue brief:
After performing a "Select All" using any one of three (tested) methods, the options under Select > Modify menu remain disabled.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Open Photoshop
2) Open a JPG file. You can also create a new Photoshop Document (PSD) and import a JPG
3) Ensure document has only one layer (the one with the picture). If it is a locked layer, unlock it
4) Add a second blank layer under the first (image) layer
5) With new layer selected in the layers panel, do a Select All (CTRL+A)
6) From menu, open: Select > Modify

All menu options are available

Except "Border" all other options are grayed out

You can confirm the issue by performing a less than 100% selection (even 1px smaller than the width or height) and all the menus will be available.

Additional Information:
Issue exists when you use the menu (Select > Select All), perform a marquee (Rectangular Marquee selection box) selection or use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+A).

Have not checked exhaustively what other options remain unavailable.

System Information
Platform: PC
Adobe Photoshop Version: 2014.1.0 20140730.r.148 2014/07/30:23:59:59 x64
Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-bit
Version: 6.3

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7 y ago

My god... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AT LAST!! I could not believe it when I was reading the JDI's of 15.2 (2014.2) in Richard Curtis blog... until I tried it and I saw it works.

Wow... seriously, I'm in shock... I've grown gray hairs and wrinkles while waiting for this to finally be fixed!! THANKS!!

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7 y ago

Where is this new option? I checked through multiple screens and option settings, could not find it. (PC edition of Photoshop CC Ver 20140730)

My Creative Cloud app insists that the above is the last version available. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but I just cant seem to get 2014.2 that is listed in Richard Curtis's blog....

Can anyone help?

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6 y ago

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Here is the case:When select all of a whole layer, Click Menu Select->Modify,
Only Border can be used. The problem is I need to use Contract, it should be enable, isn't it?

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4 y ago

Can photoshop please  change the modify feature to go back to the way it was previously where you could actually preview the selection changes prior to making them. It's all guesswork now and the modifications box seems simpler and more basic than previously where there were more advanced options in one dialog box.