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Fri, Nov 8, 2019 3:54 PM

Photoshop: Blurry ui fonts when ClearType is disabled on Win10

Turn off ClearType. Restart Photoshop. UI fontas are blurry.
Torn on ClearType. Restart Photoshop. UI fontas are ok.

Comparison ClearType on/off:


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2 y ago

That is why ClearType technology was invented. It makes your text much more clear. For classic LCD with RGB pixels oriented in vertical direction it increases DPI 3×. So it can use one-third of the pixel instead of the whole pixel to render text so text can have smaller details which good for already small text.

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2 y ago

Right after I installed 2020, my impression was that something changed the way my fonts look. I didn't like the change or find it more readable. Kinda used to it now and not sure anymore if it was doing so everywhere. I guess in that case it changed something in ClearType that I shouldn't turn back?