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Mon, Jun 19, 2017 10:08 PM

Photoshop: Blur tool needs way more potency - Would help with layer masks and current photo resolutions

I frequently need t to create layer masks around my products photographed on white - one of the most common photography scenarios.  The problem is that when I convert a pen tool path into a mask, I need to be able to selectively choose which areas have a blurred edge mask, and which areas should have a sharp line in the selection.  When you take pictures of small products its often nearly impossible to get everything in focus at any aperture.    So this is extremely common for photographing small products.  I want to use the blur tool to soften parts of the mask, but the blur tool is so weak its almost completely ineffective.  I think this is because I'm always working at 5 and 6k resolutions.  This also makes the blur tool useless for many photos and I have to use a blur filter instead.  But a blur filter is not helpful when you are needing to selectively blur parts of the mask itself.  So mask manipulation would be WAY more powerful if you would make the blur tool more powerful.  Like up to 100x more powerful.  I'm not sure if the blur tool is so weak because its a legacy tool from times when we only had a fraction of the resolution in our photos to work with.  Whatever the reason, there are a lot of people asking for this, and it would save me hours of workarounds to have this simple obvious tool enhancement.  Thank you!

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