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Tue, Jan 29, 2019 10:04 PM


Photoshop: Bigger histogram and curves interface

As screen pixels got smaller over the last few years, the histogram and curves interface are getting a bit harder to use. Even at maximum size, I struggle to make fine adjustments. Let's have the interface scale to the full size of the palette instead of being limited like they are currently.


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2 years ago

i think curves are looooooong overdue for a complete overhaul, not just the size. Blows my mind that the tool has remained relatively unchanged for more than 20 years. There's so much potential with what could be done to improve them, and you can see that all the other apps out there are pulling away from Ps at an ever increasing rate, yet here we are, stuck in the 90's with this antique curve tool. 

For example:

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2 years ago


I would like to also add my comments on this. I cannot believe that the Tone Curve in Lr CC is now more advanced than the one in the old Lr Classic CC!! PLEASE we would like to have:
1) Larger space to allow smother movements and precise adjustments 
2) bigger points to facilitate the  seleccion when clicking
3) Show an overlay of RGB/CMY colors on the background of the histogram to easily see the primary and complementary colors.

PLEASE, is the most powerful and strong tool we have in Lr and it was not updated for years.