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Thu, Jun 16, 2011 7:13 PM


Photoshop: Better compatibility with a less expensive computer for liquify, Blur Tool, Sharp Tool, Smudge Tool

When using Blur Tool, Sharp Tool, Smudge Tool, and liquify tool it takes too much time between two brush strokes if there's a high resolution.
The idea to make these brush strokes appear right when you apply the stroke is:
There could be an option to convert down the resolution of the actual picture, and save the original sized image to a temp. Then you use the brush strokes it will appear right the way you stroke with the mouse, while every stroke will be stored in a temporary memory. It's important to save the strokes as a makro because the sequence of the strokes. Then when you finished you click on finish, the image will go back to the original resolution from temporary, and the strokes you applied will be read from the temporary memory and apply to the original sized image. It takes almost the same amount of time, but it's easier to work with it like brushstroke as you go.
The idea is just like as you created it on the transform tool.


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