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Thu, Apr 23, 2020 3:35 PM

Photoshop: Battery consumption (macOS)

Hi guys, I am using Photoshop 2020 version in Macbook Air 2017 with Catalina OS. I am barely able to get 4 hours of backup. Wanted to know if it's normal amongst any other user too? I am doubting it's probably because of newest OS update (heard very bad battery backup review about Catalina) or my charger is broken.




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1 y ago

10:30 run time browsing the Web:

4:00 using Photoshop sounds reasonable. It depends on what you're doing, but PS is more processor intensive than a Web browser. ERGO- Shorter run time.

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1 y ago

Four hours for processor-intensive work sounds about right.

If your laptop was 2013 or older, you could consider replacing the battery; however, it's really soon for a 2017 model to have battery issues.  

If you're worried that there may be a battery issue, Micromat TechTool Pro includes a battery test (

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1 y ago

You could, of course, move closer to a wall outlet and plug the thing into power!