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Sun, Dec 18, 2016 9:27 PM


Photoshop: Auto-select feature overhaul

  1. Remember Auto-select setting ("Group"/"Layer") per-each-artboard. This will allow UI designers, Illustrators and Artists to have complex reusable layer structures as groups on one artboard and then just CTRL+Click (Autoselect mode) to select a whole group (structure) and drag-duplicate it to main composition artboard. If This artboard will have different Auto-select setting - "Layer" - it will be instantly possible to edit this structure so it fits.

  2. Layers panel Auto-select lock flag for Groups\Clipping-Groups.

    This will allow to lock contents of any group to be selected by Auto-select. Instead the parent group will be selected.


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4 years ago

Selecting layers is one of most painfull things in Photoshop from webdesigners point of view. And it is one from reason why I will no longer using Photoshop as main tool for webdesign after winter 2017.

I don't know if you feature is solution. I can't properly imagine it. There is more issues about selecting.

- You can't select layers via draging if your layers are filtered and draging starts inside canvas

- Sometimes you need click one pixel above or below line which is 1px thin vector shape

- If you apply color adjustment filter on smart object, save and re-open document, then layer bounds are same size as canvas and any selecting layers with draging selects these layers, so I am not using these filters

- Selecting with draging doesn't select parent folder if all childrens are selected which is really messy if you duplicate or deletes layers :-D

- If you use "step backward" then you need reselect all your layers it was fixed for undo/redo but I don't use it because I need more steps

- If you have many selected layers

- If lock artboard with "move-lock" you can't select path/points of vector shape inside artboard but you can do anything else with content inside

- If you have shape inside arboard "A" which overlaps outside into another arboard "B" , your selection inside arboard "B" selects layers inside "A"

And some more