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Thu, Sep 20, 2018 12:30 AM


Photoshop: Auto save should work like Premiere

I really wish that Photoshop’s autosave feature actually functioned like an autosave.I have my autosave set to save every 10 minutes, but it never actually saves a copy of the file I have open and am working on. Premiere Pro’s autosave actually saves the project file. Why can’t Photoshop do the same?


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2 years ago

I have it set to save every 5 minutes, and on the very rare occasion when I force quit (typically because a plugin fails to load), the document is retrieved with nearly everything intact. All but whatever move I made within a few minutes of the untimely end.

Do you have Save in Background enabled? I have heard a few times  that causes problems for some people. I can't say why, but you might try turning it off and perform a test — create a dummy document, fool around creating a few layers and letting it sit until past the time you set to automatically save, then force a quit, rather than quitting normally. If, after that, there's no recovered file, then something  is  certainly wrong. You should be relaunching with a "Recovered" file.