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Sun, Jun 17, 2018 6:34 PM


Photoshop: Artboard-specific layer comps

It would be awesome if each artboard would have it's own set of independent layer comps, so as a UI designer, I can easily create different button states without the need to create a different artboard for each such state. This way each layer comp will be specific to only 1 artboard, and I can go on and update an artboard without it affecting other artboards.
Will make my documents so much more efficient and tidy.


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2 years ago

This would be great. Please make this happen. Is this or should it be a feature of Adobe XD?

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5 months ago

Alternatively, the functionality of Layer Comps and Artboards could be merged. If Layer Comps could support a canvas size and a center, artboards would no longer be necessary.

Here is a script which combines Export > Layer Comps to Files with Artboards.