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Sun, Feb 10, 2019 6:49 PM

Photoshop and Topaz Texture not working

I have Topaz Texturizer plugin and when I open it the first time through PS CC 2019 I see the texture on my paper, I apply it and then I click "Ok". It then closes Topaz and returns to PS without applying my texture.  If I try to go back to the plug in it refuses to open it. I have to close out PS and it will open it on the first try, but again will not apply the texture. 

I am on Windows 10, PS CC 2019 64bit.  


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2 y ago

Running PS CC 2019.1.3 and Topaz Texture Effects 2, I was unable to replicate the issue you are having. I am also on Windows 10 64 bit. Have you tried reinstalling your Topaz plug-in?

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2 y ago

Ditto on the reinstall. It's working for me, too. I've had the same thing happen before with a couple of their standalones, contacted Topaz, and they said I wasn't running the latest and greatest version. They do sometimes update these even if they're not part of Studio. So also check to see if there might not be an update to what you have. If you have the latest, and a reinstall doesn't work, then I'd suggest you contact Topaz. They've always been really good at responding quickly during the work week.

You might also try it through Topaz Studio? That's free for the basic, and all your plugins are recognized and updated to the Studio version, as well as having the standalone which you can access through the Studio. That's sometimes more reliable than getting to the plugins directly from PS. I use Texture Effects in the Studio, (and didn't have to pay for it, since they honor their promise that you buy it once). The plug-in version doesn't give you the editable Smart Object. It merely returns the results to the Studio as a flattened, filtered layer. But it might get you going faster if you do that while waiting for them to respond to the problem.