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Thu, Jan 14, 2016 6:04 PM

PHOTOSHOP - Alt Key – lost possibility to create alpha channel from INVERTED selection & incoherent system of key meanings

Since the last Photoshop update 2015.1.1 there is no more possibility, if you click on the icon to create an alpha channel (at the bottom of channels panel) to create an INVERTED channel from selection.
Before the Alt key did this job and saved a lot time. Why did we step back?

Three things make sense:
- pressing "no key" while clicking on the "create channel" icon means you want to create directly a channel from your selection
- "ALT key" means to create it from inverted selection
- "SHIFT key" means you want to choose (opening dialogue)

But this is not the only thing:
Photoshop has no continuos logical system behind the meaning of ALT and SHIFT key:
=> If you create a new snapshot in the history panel with ALT = it means opening the dialogue.

=> If you create a layer comp (in the Layer comp panel) ALT = it means NO dialogue

=> If you create a new layer comp without pressing any Key in the layer comp panel = it means opening dialogue box.

=> If you choose to fill a layer with a color and want to open the dialogue for it you need press the SHIFT-key (and this makes sense!).

=> If you create a LAYER mask with pressing ALT you get the inverted selection
(and this makes sense!).

There is no system, it's totally incoherent and now we lost even the inverted channel option!!

- SHIFT-Key is ALWAYS the dialogue box (regardless if path, channel, layer mask, snap shot...)
- ALT-KEY is ALWAYS the "inverted" mode (inverted selection, as it was always with layer masks)

Thanks in advance for having an eye on this...


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4 years ago

I was searching similar topic, too, because I am annoyed by wrong alphas (INVERTED not as they should be !)
and found this old thread:
STILL IN 2017 we have inverted alpha channels !
If you compare a layer mask and an Alpha channel from the same selection you will immediately understand what's wrong. 
Why don't you fix such bugs immediately? DON'T YOU CARE ???
p.s. and of course additional hotkeys for inverted masks would be good. you should just always implement things like this and not wait for customers to make suggestions.