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Sat, May 10, 2014 4:08 PM

Photoshop: Add/subtract/multiply/divide pixels to image/canvas size

1500+50 results in 1550
1500-300 results in 1200
1500*3 results in 4500
1500/2.5 results in 600

Support for multiple additions/subtractions if you need to take many sizes of images/etc into account for example:

Could also work with percent
250+20% results in 300

Saves work from doing the math manually

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Photoshop: Allow simple maths in number fields.


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7 y ago

In Canvas Size you can already do that using relative coordinates.
In Image size you can multiply or divide using percentages.

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Had no idea. Thanks!

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6 y ago

Has the ability to do this been taken away? I've used it in the past but the image size box seems to no longer accept math.

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Photoshop has never had this feature. You may be remembering it from InDesign or another app.

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