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Thu, Apr 12, 2018 2:53 PM


Photoshop: Add "white" as a default option for canvas color

When you right-click the canvas, the default values are Default, Black, Dark Gray, Medium Gray, Light Gray, and Custom.

But White is not one of the options! I have White set as my Custom color, but it should really be a default option.

Also, Default and Dark Gray are so similar that maybe it'd be a good idea to remove one.


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3 y ago

A long time ago I asked why blue was the default for full screen with menus, while at the same time white wasn't an option at all. I never got an answer. I even requested White be added to the list, but I still have to select Custom to make White my canvas in full screen with menus. It is indeed very odd.  Just one of those JDI's they never seem to have time for???