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Sat, Aug 3, 2019 7:23 AM


Photoshop: Ability to remove UI outline around foreground color swatch

Hello Photoshop users and experts,

Just asking to know if there is any way to customize Photoshop to remove a specific UI outline around the foreground color swatch.

The reason is, for painters, this glaring white outline blinds the eye to judging the color correctly (against the image). It blinds you, because it surrounds the color, not letting you judge it against the colors of the image, without a barrier. Judging subtle changes in color, in context to the image, becomes an almost impossible task, because you can't see the subtle changes against this white outline glowing around the swatch. This is bad for the process of picking color.

So the question is - is there any way to "customize" these UI color elements? So the user can change the outline to dark grey?? Or delete it?

Is this possible? 

To be honest, this problem really.. really sucks for painters. Just not being able to see color they are choosing well. Since Photoshop is the standard for illustrators, concept artists, etc. Simple UI problems like this, if solved, could be huge, life-changing improvements for them.


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