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Sun, Aug 4, 2019 3:11 PM


Photoshop: Ability to remove any/all alt shortcuts

Photoshop needs a way to remove alt shortcuts. Particularly alt + [  and alt + ] (layer cycle)


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2 y ago

I'd like it if they'd expose ALL kbsc to the Keyboard Shortcuts Editor AND adopted the Premiere Pro way of displaying kbsc as well as have a Search function. As it is, editing KBSC is about as discouraging as it gets while still offering us the option to "customize" —some of it. (sigh)



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2 y ago

Personally I don’t consider the the specific keys mentioned in the request much of an issue but making all keyboard shortcuts editable (including those pertaining to dialogs and Panels) might  be useful. 
It might also prove a bit of a horror when having to work on someone else’s computer, but still ...  

A Feature Request on a Search-field in the Keyboard Shortcut dialog exists by the way:

Adobe Administrator


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2 y ago

Howdy Brandon,

Why would removing the ALT shortcuts be useful or helpful to you?  Share your story, so we understand your workflow.

As for exposing ALL shortcuts, I too am a fan.  User stories detailing the VALUE of such work can help get it prioritized higher...  Please share.