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Thu, Dec 13, 2018 8:17 PM


Photoshop: Ability to have the previous work path become active when the Pen tool used again

Currently, when you make your work path a selection, the current work path stays there, but becomes unselected, and doesn't disappear. BUT, the next time reuse the pen tool, if you don't click on the work path to highlight/select it first, it wipes out the current work path. The feature I would like to have an option is the previous work path could, by option or default, become active in the palette again when the pen tool used again. Then you could be aware that if you want the previous work path, you can make it a new saved path or delete it and start fresh.

This would avoid the pain of losing a quite possibly complex path when forgetting to save the work path.

 So in summary,

Either give the user the option to have Photoshop auto-highlight/reselect the current work path after converting the work path into a selection, or an option to autosave the work path as a saved path after converting the work path into a selection.


Either option is better than having the current work path simply disappear if you don't click on and re-highlight/select the work path before continuing with the pen tool.


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2 years ago

There is absolutely scope to improve path management.   If you use a lot of paths then the panel becomes cluttered.  Obviously we can and should name our paths, and the ability to drag paths to change the order is useful, but I'd love to be able colour code workpaths, and even group them.  It would be nice to be able to deselect all paths with a shortcut (outside of needing an Action).  I doubt there are many experienced users who have not inadvertently lost a workpath.

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2 years ago

I am in full agreement with Charles and Trevor. The Paths panel has seen little if any change since I started using Photoshop in the early days (paths, not shapes), and I have talked to many new and experienced users who have lost paths because of the way the workpath works currently. Trevor’s insights are always on target and he has some good ideas in his post here.