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Tue, May 15, 2018 2:33 PM


Photoshop: Ability to have Artboards Export/Save in the Background

Went to fill out a feature request but was directed here.

Would it be possible to make the 'Export Artboards to PDF' function save or export in the background?

While I do LOVE watching an entire 67 page/artboard document export to PDF, it
seems like something that could be handled in a less visible way.

Not only does this process keep stealing focus from other applications I
switch to, it takes over the system cursor with the Photoshop status cursor even though I'm not in photoshop.

Why does this process need to show every single artboard being saved as a new file an opening a new window in PS? Seems like something that can be handled in the background or even just with a progress bar instead of showing how the sausage is made

Mac OS 10.13.4, Photoshop version 'every single CC version'


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3 years ago

This feature is Photoshop script which is easy to create but it is slower and more limited than features programmed in C++