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Tue, Dec 4, 2018 3:13 PM


Photoshop: Ability to Combine / Subtract / Intersect - Alpha + Vector masks

We obviously can already use alpha + vector masks in combination, but I find myself frequently wishing I could have the feature-set with masks that we have with selections, such as "combine," "Intersect" and "Subtract."
I very frequently use the benefits of alpha masks for one part of my mask, and vector for another, but I have to convert my vector into alpha to perform a "combine" action, losing the benefits of editing the vector down the road. 
This could also come with the ability to add multiple alpha/vector masks to the same layer, multiple alpha masks being the most useful to have multiple different "combined" masks with minimal layers. To currently accomplish this we have to perform multiple grouping actions with different masks on each group, but even then we don't have the option to "combine" the results. To do this we have to have copies of the same layer with different masks applied, increasing file size and layer messiness.


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2 years ago

Brilliant idea. Seems to me to not be too big an ask - all the parts are there.