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Thu, Nov 14, 2019 4:48 PM


Photoshop: Ability to assign multiple layers to the same variable simultaneously

It would come in quite handy if when assigning a layer to a variable, multiple selections would work. The process today involves selecting all layers seperately and assigning them to the defined variable, even if multiple layers are selected only the last one gets assigned to the variable.

When programatically photoshopping saving time is usually the main purpose, hence being able to assign multiple layers to the same variables simultaneously would be quite great.


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2 y ago

Are you talking about datasets?



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2 y ago

Halló, could you elaborate? 
You need Image>variables to affect several layers at the same time with a given variable?

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2 y ago

That sounds like a bad idea. Why not have a script to duplicate layers as needed at the end?