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Wed, May 20, 2020 10:34 PM


Photoshop: A proper ruler, please

OK so to start off IM NOT talking about the rulers / guides that photoshop already has, I'm talking about Actual rulers and guides for brush strokes like Ibis Paint X has where you select two points on your canvas and all your strokes follow that predetermined line. I would also love to see a customizable shaped eclipse/oval ruler.
A great example of this tool in action is the ruler tools found in IbispaintX (the main drawing program I use on my iPad, which is free), but I would want it on PS.
If anyone knows of a plug-in like this PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I draw on Photoshop while streaming and this is one of my biggest gripes. I'm currently looking for this feature or better programs. Thank you for any and all replies.


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1 y ago

Lazy Nezumi can do what you need and more, its an extremely complete plugin for Photoshop but you can use it on any drawing or even sculpting app, I wouldn't mind having some native rules on Photoshop tho, still if I had a wish I would rather they improve the brush engine and layer FX performance.

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1 y ago

I know of 2 ways that should already work for you if I understand what you are trying to do.

1. With brush chosen, touch where you want to start a straight line, hold down shift key and click where you want to end...voila brushed a straight line.
2 stroke a path with brush, path can be any path form:

see You Tube video etc.