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Thu, Feb 20, 2020 3:44 PM

Photoshop: A few 3D Questions.

I am new(ish) to Photoshops 3D capabilities, but an experienced retoucher with good overall knowledge. My two questions highlighted in bold ... 

First and most obvious struggle - How do you move the ground-plane to precisely where you need it? And keep it there? Because 'Create new 3D object' from layer merely centres the vanishing point and horizon line, which is far too high in the image for most purposes. It is trying to simply move the horizon line to the right area of the underlying image, that is most problematic. The 3D space for each layer doesn't pay any attention to this, and it resets each time of you physically move the layer content.  

• I've struggled with camera angles, scene angles, using all the tools I've been able to discover. Would love an intelligent overview of how this works, and how Photoshop 'sees' this.   

• I've also attempted to use "View Vanishing Point grid", but the 3D doesn't bear any relation to what was planned out within vanishing point filter.   

Are there any GOOD and comprehensive online resources for Photoshop 3D ? (The Adobe Photoshop help, is out of date and seems to refer to older version of 3D)  

Photoshop 2020. Running on Mojave

Thank you 


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