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Sun, Jun 14, 2020 9:13 AM


Photoshop: 2nd view at different zoom level for designing a favicon

when designing a febicon it would help to see simultaneously the real size - kind of like the navigator panel. only that the navigator panel has a minimum size much greater than the febicon. the easiest solution would be to enable a smaller minimum for the panel. better yet would be to have a febicon panel that enables working on a larger file and showing real time the look on both a 16x16 pix and a 32x32 pix.


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1 y ago

Use "Window > Arrange > New Window for" to open a 2nd viewer for your document.  Then use Window > Arrange > Tile" (or whatever option you prefer for viewing more than one document at the same time).

You can work at 1600% or 3200% while also seeing your work at 100%.

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Hi Guys I need to log back into Pinterest

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