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Tue, Jun 30, 2015 7:31 PM


PHOTOSHOP - 250 Pixel Limit on LAYER STYLES Drop Shadows, Glows etc. Should Be Higher

Layer effects like drop shadows and glows are still limited to a maximum 250 pixels, this value needs to be much larger to better work with high resolution files.




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6 years ago

i totally agree.

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4 years ago

The style effects as well as filter effects should be in percentages, not pixels.
One of the hardest things to deal with is redoing smart object art because the effects are not scaled correctly.

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This might be best restated as a separate thread (idea) for us to vote on, with a bit more explanation of what happens using smart objects with effects set to pixels (and are the layer styles applied to the SO layer, or are they wrapped inside the SO layer along with image layers so not easily altered when scaling the SO layer?). 

It might be worthwhile getting a discussion going on the pros and cons of using percentage vs pixels when setting values for layer styles and filter effects, something the programmers at Adobe can weigh in on and the rest of us can learn from.