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Thu, Apr 8, 2021 7:02 PM

Photoshop 22.3 won't save to local computer

I am running Photoshop 22.3 on MacOs 10.15.7.  No updates are offered for PS 22.3 on Creative Cloud.  The first time I tried to save a file I went to File>Save and File>Save As and when I clicked on them nothing happened.  There was NO dialog box at all.  Eventually I stumbled across a way to save it to the "Cloud" under the user icon (4th from the right in right upper hand corner).  After that I can save my files to the "Cloud".  Then I can open them in PS 21.2.6, download them and then save to my local computer.

On my PS 21.2.6 I see a box "On your computer" and then I can save locally.  This box is NOT offered on PS 22.3; if it were my problem would be solved.

What am I missing?

Stephen Samples


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