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Wed, Nov 18, 2020 11:16 PM


Photoshop 22.0.1: Eye dropper sampling ring missing

In V22.0.1 the eyedropper sampling ring is missing. Toggling the checkbox in teh options bar does nothing.

Resetting preferences does not resolve.

Windows 10 v20H2  and NVidia RTX2080ti driver 456.71

The tool works correctly in v21 and earlier on the same system



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2 months ago

Hi Adobe,

Thank you for the update, However, I just downloaded the most recent version of photoshop. All of my setting settings are up to date and I'm still having trouble selecting color on my document while I'm painting with the brush tool and using the "alt" key to select the color. I've gone into my eye dropper settings to check and I've adjusted the settings, but still...every time I try to select a color from the document I'm working on I have to tap it like 5 times before the color changes over. 



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2 months ago

Hello, this issue should be fixed in the 22.1.1 update released a few days ago.

If you do not see the update in the CC application, go to help/check for updates.

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24 days ago

This is a serious issue for digital painters, illustrators and mo graphers.

Super clutch tool that should be expanded not reduced.