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Sun, Jul 26, 2020 3:47 PM

Photoshop 21.2.1 corrupting files with transparent squares / glitches

I have had this problem intermittently on various computers and Photoshop versions and can see that others have too. I think the bug is triggered by the image elements being bigger than the canvas and seems to occur when I content-aware fill transparent areas that touch the edge of the canvas. It either cuts out weird squares or cuts out the product according to the mask outline. I'm running a brand new Macbook Pro i7 with 64gb of ram but as I say this has happened on towers running Photoshop 2019 too so it's persistent.

If many files are open and I see a glitch in one of them, it's pretty much guaranteed that all of them are corrupted. Going back in the history and saving does not make any difference as even the files that look fine, once saved, are corrupted.




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9 m ago

Hi Andrew,

We're sorry to hear about the issue you are having.  Can you please try enabling Preferences -> Performance -> Legacy Compositing, and let us know if that resolves the problem?

Also, can you please elaborate step-by-step what you are doing to experience this issue? I'm a little unsure which screenshots are masks and their associated layers.


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This usually happens in artboards. So I'm just designing, making pages, and then I move an image, or I do something, and I press ctrl+s and see that my current page has random translucent versions of my original design. say if I have a butterfly on my current layer, ALL OF THE PAGES will have the same butterfly PATTERENED  over them, most layers will have it, and I save it and it becomes a raster image. the pattern becomes a raster image which I can erase. so I have to sit there, ERASING IT FROM EVERY LAYER THAT IT HAS RANDOMLY APPLIED TO. It's like if one has it all of them will 100% be corrupted. this has happened multiple times